Donald Trump is no longer needed. His core is not nearly big enough to keep him in power. The only reason he remained a viable contender in his re-election bid was the support of moderate Republicans, blue-collar Democrats and independents who looked behind Joe Biden and saw the far left policies of the Democratic Party. They recoiled at talk about higher taxes, reparations for Blacks and concessions to big labor such as the PRO Act, a national version of California’s disastrous AB5 that threatens to destroy the gig economy. …

In these times of COVID-19, colleges should be bending over backwards to helping their students, particularly first-time freshmen, and making the transition to college easier. As one instructor told my youngest son, a freshman at Cal State Fullerton, “You are getting all the hard things and none of the fun things associated with college.”

He’s right — Hunter lives at home, and has to sit through tedious Zoom classes while foregoing all the traditional fun elements of college: living on your own for the first time in the dorm, the frat parties, exploring a new city, making new friends.


When historians look back on 2020, they will view this as the worst year since 1968.

As Americans, we’ve had bad years before, but invariably they were marked — or, should I say, marred — by a single event. The 911 terrorist attacks in 2001, the global economic meltdown in 2009, and, going back, the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

But the current confluence of bad events makes 2020 the worst year since 1968, which Smithsonian Magazine called “The Year that Shattered America.”

Let’s take stock. Just five months into 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands…

The decision by California State University (CSU), the country’s largest four-year public university system, to continue holding virtually all classes online in the fall 2020 semester has led to an uproar among current and future students — and their parents.

In a letter, CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White wrote the decision was prompted by fears of a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall. “This planning approach is necessary because a course that might begin in a face-to-face modality would likely have to be switched to a virtual format during the term if a serious second wave of the pandemic…

While we are busy grappling with life during the novel coronavirus pandemic, you have to wonder, what will life be like after the pandemic subsides, with adequate testing, vaccine and some level of herd immunity?

Every major event brings consequences that affect our lives. Security after 9/11 is much tighter than before the notorious terrorist attacks; the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy, our first hatless president, led to men everywhere ditching their hats. We all know how Elvis and then the Beatles changed popular music, bringing rock ’n’ roll to the masses.

What will be the lasting effects of…

As a hiring manager and a journalist, I am frequently asked for advice on resume writing.

My suggestion is to keep it simple and direct. Spell out your objectives and detail your experience in as few words as possible, and keep the self-hype to a minimum.

Hell, eliminate it completely. You don’t need it. It just gets in the way.

Looking over resumes posted to job boards and LinkedIn, I can’t believe the pretentious gibberish and cliches. There is no end to the self-aggrandizing gruel people pour out like syrup over their public profiles.

So many candidates are “results-oriented,” “passionate,”…

Has California reached the tipping point? The dictionary defines “tipping point” as “the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.”

And in California’s case, there have been enough onerous “small changes or incidents” that I believe residents are fast becoming sick and tired of the progressive policies and mindset that dominates Sacramento. Hopefully, they will take this discontent to the ballot box and finally put an end to the one-party rule that has destroyed so much of what we love and respect about our Golden State.


Thomas K. Arnold

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